Secretary General Almagro Met with Foreign Ministers of Belize and Guatemala

Announcement Date: May 4, 2016

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis
Almagro, met today with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and
Guatemala in reference to the recent incidents in the Belize-Guatemala
Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon River.
To this end, Secretary Almagro confirmed the imminent deployment of a
group of experts to conduct an independent investigation into the
circumstances which resulted in the death of a Guatemala minor, following
an incident with the Belizean security forces in the Adjacency Zone.
Recalling Annex C of the Confidence Building Measures in force on the
Guidelines for Public Statements, Secretary Almagro urged its strict
compliance by the Parties.
The OAS Secretary General further called on the Parties to adopt a
cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in
the Sarstoon River so that both the peoples and governments of Belize and
Guatemala can refocus on strengthening their good neighborly relations.
The Secretary General welcomed the readiness of both Parties to advance
in the negotiations of the cooperation mechanism and urged the Parties to
avoid future incidents such as those that have recently occurred.