DIASPORA Returnee Incentive Program


About the Program

The Diaspora Returnee Incentive Program has been established to attract Belizeans in the Diasporic who are considering repatriation. This program targets those Belizeans who are possibly considering a return home, and have funds to invest in their communities here in Belize, either in housing or business. It also targets those Belizeans who have a reoccurring monthly pension or income from a guaranteed source, which they would be depositing and spending in the local economy. It also foresees economic and social benefits expected, thru the implementation of this program.


Cabinet approved the establishment of the Diaspora program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 3rd, 2009 (Cabinet Paper 201 of 2009 Engaging the Belizean Diaspora). This program is designed to send a robust message of welcome from the homeland to the Diaspora and to mobilize good will for their engagement and cooperation for Belize’s development. In keeping with this spirit, the Diaspora Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade submitted a proposal for the Diaspora Returnee Incentive Programme to the Cabinet of Belize on 11th May, 2010. This proposal was accepted and approved, thus reaffirming the Government’s policy of embracing high value diaspora skills and facilitating access to the Belizean diaspora, for repatriation and development of our country.

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